Dental therapy

Dental therapists can help with a range of patient care needs.

What does a dental therapist do?

A relatively recent addition to the ranks of dental professionals, dental therapists help to bridge the gap between hygienists, who specialise in gum care, and dentists who tackle a range of complex dental treatments.

Through rigorous training, not only can dental therapists complete hygiene treatments, but also deftly manage some of the less complex treatments a dentist would normally carry out. These can include:

Dental therapists often have specialist skills, which they can undertake independently, or under the direction of a dentist.

If you have an appointment with a dental therapist, always feel free to ask as many questions as you like. They’re equipped to offer practical advice on how to keep your teeth in good condition between appointments too.

Benefits for everyone

Dental therapists play an important role, giving our dentists more time to support patients with complex and challenging treatment needs.

They also help us to manage the availability of appointments, so we’ve got more flexibility to offer care to our patients, whenever they need it.

Who will I see when I visit?

You’ll usually be seen by your regular dentist or hygienist, but if that changes for any reason, of course we’ll let you know.

If you need selected treatments, your dentist might refer you to a dental therapist at White Gables, particularly if it’d help you to access a convenient appointment in the near future.

Your dentist might also recommend a dental therapy or hygienist visit if you’re preparing for a surgical or cosmetic treatment, helping you to boost your dental hygiene in advance.

If you’d like to book in with a dental therapist at White Gables though, you’re very welcome to give it a whirl… we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Our dentists work closely with our dental therapist to make sure you receive great treatment and results that will keep you smiling for the years to come.

Why visit a dental therapist?

Dental therapists boast a fantastic range of skills, which could help you to achieve and maintain good oral health. The benefits include:

  • Cleaner and brighter teeth.
  • Fewer dental stains from things like coffee and red wine.
  • Support to identify and treat early signs of decay, gum and other forms of disease.

How much is a therapy appointment?

The cost really depends on the treatment you need. As always, we’ll explain your options, treatment plan and all associated costs with you, so you know where you stand. If you need information at any time though, please just ask.

If you just want a rough idea about our price list, check out our other treatment pages which include baseline cost information.

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